Hey Guys,


I know it’s pretty obvious at this point, but BadgerFriends schedule is kind of F***ed. It’s been damn near 7 months since the last update and I’m ashamed to say that. I’m still very passionate about the comic which is why I haven’t been able to bring myself to update in so long. I must have had at least a dozen different versions of this page that I have drawn and redrawn too many times.


Recently I’ve had some confidence issues with my art as of late and every time I tried to make an update for any of my comics, I continuously felt like I could not do my own characters justice.


I’ve spent the past few months working in inconsequential crap, trying to practice comic building and composition in general. I had a revelation last night that I am not doing any favors for myself and certainly not for my fans (to the few of you that are left.) So I am going to try to dedicate myself to working up to more consistent updates. I am going to shoot for 1-2 updates a week for now and try to work my way up from there.


Thank you for your patience, and I hope to do better by you guys.