Aug 24The LIST
Jul 27Cuiroser and Curioser
Apr 26Golden Glory
Mar 17Honesty Time


Feb 16Let him gloat a little bit first.
Feb 9Isn’t that like, the first law?
Feb 2A new power?
Jan 21Deadly Serious
Jan 15He’s got personal experience with the issue
Jan 12And thats the end of the flashback


Dec 18And a team is formed
Dec 5Poke the Bear
Dec 1Where must be some sort of story behind that.
Nov 24I think we know what way…
Oct 16Damn, It took him like 3 weeks to answer the door.
Aug 28You Don’t Want to Fight a Naked Man
Aug 21It’s been a looong week.
Aug 11Contemplation
Aug 4Reminds Me of Every Interview I’ve Ever Done
Jul 31Letting off some Steam
Jul 27How The Hell Did He Get Her Address
Jul 13I’m not sure red is good.
Jun 4This Seems Familiar
Jun 2A Bit Too Optimistic
Jun 1Wrapping things u- wait what?!
May 12My Neck Hurts
May 4Yes, yes he is.
Apr 15The Watchers
Mar 31Repeat Offence
Mar 26Someone is “Steaming” mad.
Mar 24I hit that dude with another dude.
Mar 11The Return!
Feb 2Why poke the bear?
Jan 28You will never find such a wretched hive
Jan 26SEGWAY! (Yes, I mean segue)
Jan 21Boom boom BOOM
Jan 153, 2, 1…
Jan 11A flashback within a flashback?
Jan 8Help Me
Jan 5That Silhouette Looks Familiar
Jan 3WibblyWobbly


Dec 31Happy New Year!
Dec 17The Secret Ingredient
Dec 2Making faces at babies…
Nov 24Sharing the Bath
Nov 15Gross Overestimation
Oct 29Johnson & Johnson are liars.
Oct 27It was an eventful dinner, chimps were involved.
Oct 24Another Reveal?
Oct 22Who the hell is this guy?
Oct 17:C
Oct 15Hmm, I wonder why he painted the numbers on the outside of the building…
Oct 13Duo’s Don’t Get as Many Benefits.
Oct 9Probation? Well Damn…
Oct 8The Process Begins
Oct 7A sketch for you
Oct 4Old Sketches
Oct 1Worrying about things
Sep 29We move on
Sep 26Different Tastes
Sep 24That Pizza looks delicious
Sep 8Motivation to heal
Sep 3A passing fancy.
Aug 29You never know.
Aug 27I’m not even sure how he’s moving.
Aug 20Dinner plans
Aug 15Get it? Chill out. Get it!?
Aug 13Pretty Fast?
Aug 11Wonder which is more painful…
Aug 8Cliche’
Aug 6Examiner to the rescue… Kinda.
Aug 4Now this is just getting repetitive.
Aug 1Computer issues
Jul 28Missed one.
Jul 25Not the Buddy Buddy Type
Jul 23Cloudy with a Chance of Explosions
Jul 21Ready for liftoff?
Jul 18Bringin’ the Pain
Jul 16Someone just shoot him again.
Jul 14She punched him so hard…
Jul 11Gotta love love
Jun 22Not very effective
Jun 12Badass Entry
Jun 2Running A bit late! (Will update later today ^^’)
May 28Biiiig bada boom!
May 21Decoy Boom Booms
May 19Finally, Her Name
May 12The Face of a New Evil?
May 9Spontaneous Enough?
May 7Who is she?
May 5All Ideas
May 26th time’s the charm.
Apr 30Too Many Sequins
Apr 28Already Judging
Apr 25Ah, Sewing time.
Apr 23Define “Foreshadowing”
Apr 21Personal Projects
Apr 18Busted Beanbag
Apr 16Hero Housing
Apr 15The unknown bully
Apr 9Denied
Apr 7The Final Stage
Apr 4Stage 4: Juicy
Apr 3A little extra
Apr 2Stage 3: The Crazy Test
Mar 28Stage 2: Fear
Mar 26Stage 1
Mar 24Engine troubles.
Mar 21Con-ward Bound~
Mar 19Never get a break.
Mar 18Happy Drinkin’ day!
Mar 14This had to happen.
Mar 12Interior Decorating
Mar 10A little hint about powers…
Mar 7Gone Clubbing
Mar 5Aftershocks
Mar 3The testing facility.
Feb 28The day after.
Feb 26How I met you Mother
Feb 24Tequila is serious buisiness.
Feb 21The division between ranks.
Feb 19Disco heroes
Feb 17Admitting defeat
Feb 13V-Day Special~
Feb 12Mac’s
Jan 28Flee!
Jan 22Naked Insta-rez
Jan 13Revenge
Jan 10Misleading Masks
Jan 6The Beginning
Jan 2The new layout
Jan 1Too full


Dec 31Frosty
Dec 31The Week after
Dec 31Terrifying Costume
Dec 31
Dec 31Anarchy
Dec 31Pucking Cannons
Dec 31Unforgiving people
Dec 31Foolproof
Dec 31Late to the scene
Dec 31The Dutchess!
Dec 31Obsession
Dec 31The Badger Mobile
Dec 31Return to Apex City
Dec 31Spring break
Dec 31Pony Power
Dec 31Explanation of the PuffAdder
Dec 31